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First EU Positive list of food enzymes

Establishment of the First EU Positive list of food enzymes
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The window for submitting dossiers covering food enzymes presently on the market was closed on 11 March 2015.

Dossiers submitted before this deadline will be checked by the European Commission and EFSA for validity. Valid dossiers will be listed on a Community Register, which will be published by the Commission – probably towards the end of 2015.

All food enzymes presently legally on the market in any given European Member States may remain on the market in this Member State until the Union list of authorized food enzymes is published for the first time. However, if no dossier has been introduced for these enzymes, they will not be authorized anymore after the first publication of the Union list.

Dossiers can be submitted for new food enzymes or new applications in food processing, after 11 March 2015. Such dossiers will be evaluated after the ones submitted before the deadline. The enzymes in question will most likely not be part of the first Union list. It is however foreseen that an interim period will allow them to remain legally on the market after the first Union list is published, and pending the completion of their evaluation.