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AMFEP members eager to comply with food enzyme regulation

Brussels – 23 March 2015, Under the EU regulatory framework, the Food Improvement Agents Package (FIAP) - a harmonized regulatory system for food additives, flavourings and  enzymes across the European Union - has been set up in 2008. A key milestone occurred on March 11, 2015, which was the deadline for food enzyme manufacturers to submit dossiers for all food enzymes currently sold or used in Europe. AMFEP members, world leaders of the enzyme business, were the largest contributors in the submission process of what will become the first EU list of approved food enzymes.

AMFEP members have been committed from the beginning to meet the new FIAP requirements and to become first movers to stay compliant with EU regulation, in close cooperation with the EU Commission, Member States and EFSA. FIAP’s goal – to reinforce consumer confidence in food safety – is met by industry´s determination to be a trustworthy and preferred partner. FIAP secures that the enzyme industry ensures reliable supply of its products, while fulfilling global regulatory requirements at the same time.

EFSA, the EU Commission and Member States will now examine the submitted dossiers for the safety, the technological need and the intended use of the enzymes within food processing. Based on the results of the assessments, a list of food enzymes to be authorized will be proposed by the EU Commission.

When FIAP is fully implemented only authorized food enzymes included in this EU positive list will be allowed to be commercialized and used in food processing in Europe. In the meantime, currently commercialized enzymes can continue to be sold and used in the EU as before. Also new enzymes can still be brought to the market, with AMFEP members ensuring their safety and compliance with local regulations,. The FIAP process is completely transparent, and enzyme customers as well as the general public can follow the status and progress online through the EFSA web page.

Link to EFSA webpage: