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Amfep is active in the regulatory field

Amfep monitors EU activities regarding enzyme preparations, and has developed a positive relationship with the European Commission (e.g.. DG Enterprise, DG Competition and now also DG SANTE) by providing its expertise. For this purpose, Amfep supplied the European Commission with a complete list of all enzyme preparations marketed by Amfep members, and has provided its expertise to the Scientific Co-operation task force on food enzymes (SCOOP).

Amfep participates in the work of Codex as an observer, and has supplied information to the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives ("JECFA").

Amfep is also an "associated member" of the EFSA Stakeholder Consultative Platform since the end of 2005.

Amfep has good relations with other associations.

Amfep promotes international co-operation in the enzyme industry thanks to its contacts with the US Enzyme Technical Association (ETA) and the Japanese Enzyme Association (JEA).

Amfep co-operates with the European Food, Animal Feed, Chemical, Soapers and other Associations (FoodDrinkEurope, CEFIC, ELC, FEFANA, FEDIMA, EFEMA, AISE, etc.).

Amfep communicates in an open way

Amfep has prepared industry position statements, brochures, and videos on enzymes, in order to inform the authorities, customers, consumers and other stakeholders correctly