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About us

Founded in 1977, the Association of Manufacturers and Formulators of Enzyme Products (AMFEP) is a non-profit European industry association

The main objectives of AMFEP are:

  • to provide a common basis for representing the interests of its members both toward the institutions of the European Union as well as national authorities;
  • to represent the interests of its members in international organisations;
  • to assure a free flow of information between its members on developments related to the regulatory status of enzymes in the EU;
  • to inform its customers and other interested parties on the efficacy and safety aspects of its enzyme products;
  • to defend and promote the products of the enzyme industry.

Members of AMFEP produce and sell enzymes for use in food, feed, detergents and other non-food industries, excluding enzymes for pharmaceutical and diagnostic use. 

Amfep fruitfully co-operates with European institutions and partner associations in the EU, Japan and USA.

Amfep has observer status in Codex Alimentarius and is Member of the EFSA Stakeholders Consultative platform.

Amfep is also a founding member of the International Enzymes Co-ordination Group (IECG)

EU Transparency register # 25945099095-69